World Premier of ALL OF MY FRIENDS WERE THERE at Melbourne Festival 2017. Tickets.

The GUERRILLA MUSEUM are the makers of FUNERAL.

Sold out seasons – Dark MOFO 2015, Melbourne Festival 2016, Brisbane Festival 2015, Adelaide Fringe 2015, Melbourne Fringe 2014.

The Guerrilla Museum is a live art production house based in Melbourne, Australia. As producers and creators they work in the realm of experimental, immersive theatre and installation.  Their debut immersive live art piece FUNERAL premiered at the 2014 Melbourne Fringe Festival. Responses ranged from A moving and hilarious intimate performance that defies all laws of publicity, marketing, buzz, celebrity and spreadsheets’ to ‘Feel like I have had an exorcism/ECT/life changing hallucinogenic drug experience’.  The Guerrilla Museum use their combined skills to push the boundaries of the live art experience – experimenting with trust, surprise, and patience.  Their work is a reward for audiences; a chance to participate in a non-cynical, ethereal artistic exercise without fear.

The GUERRILLA MUSEUM have several works currently in development.

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